As a federal USDA plant we have multiple control points, rigorous sanitation procedures, strict receiving guidelines and 100% compliant HACCP, SSOP, and GMP plans. An on-site USDA office insures plant compliance and continual and complete quality control. We have multiple temperature controls and secure storage areas that assure the products we are receiving, processing and shipping are free from any possible contaminates or viruses along with letters of guarantee from all our suppliers. Our management and employees are HACCP certified and trained. We have created and implemented a specialized security plan to safeguard us from any biological, chemical, bacterial hazards, hazardous conditions, or economic attacks that could possibly occur. WE GUARANTEE that all products shipped from our company are safe and wholesome as per FDA Regulations, USDA Regulations, SS Guidelines, OSHA Guidelines and the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.


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